Building Stronger Families

Building Stronger Families is a program that helps connect families to resources and build financial stability.  Through our partnership with the Alexandria Housing Authority and 13 partners we are able to offer classes for families that are looking to grow and become financially empowered.   

The Building Stronger Families program has several key components which make it unique and help ensure success.

  1. Scheduled Training Program - 14 skill-building courses are planned that cover multiple topics
  2. Financial Incentive and savings match- Families move closer to having their emergency fund. 
  3. Success Coaching - A success coach is assigned to each family to coach bi-weekly

The Building Stronger Families Program provides families from all walks of life with an opportunity to build their skills. Focused on the areas of financial stabilityeducation, and health, this new instructional program, offered by United Way of Central Louisiana, is fourteen skill building courses that meets every other Thursday and shares guidance, instruction, and resources. The goal of the Stronger Families program is to provide a hand up in the areas in which your family wants to see improvement. Maybe you want your children to be better prepared to enter school, get a degree, save money, or buy a home- this program helps families build the skills that help them be successful.