Community Investment Grant Application

UWCL has a long history of grants in the community. Our goal is to continue to support agencies that align with our focus and create partnerships to improve our community. Although agencies will be required to apply for a specific program, the money received will be unrestricted. If funding is received, you will be required to provide basic demography for clients served during reporting phase.


UWCL Goals and Strategies


UWCL Building Block






Education: Early Childhood




Increase the number of children ready to enter school and are successful in primary grades


Connect adults with children to help improve reading level


Children receive literacy supports in K-3


Families, caregivers are provided with information, resources, tools, trainings, and/or teaching skills







Education: Youth Success






Increase the number of youths who gain knowledge, skills, and credentials to obtain family sustaining employment


Provide students with mentoring and education to develop skills needed for employment


Provide support for youth to complete a technical or degree program


Connect students with in- school and out-of-school programming to support academic success and overall development


Equip families with tools, knowledge and skills to help young people succeed in school, and the workforce




Providing the financial education and resources




 Financial Stability


Increase the financial mobility   and socioeconomic status of individuals and families

Providing career training and job placement resources


Providing affordable housing and/or transitional housing with education and support to move into affordable housing


Increase the awareness of and enrollment in available benefits (e.g.SNAP) and income supports to improve financial stability.















Increase access to healthcare and improve the health of individuals and families


Provide affordable healthcare insurance options and support


Increase knowledge and skills of individuals to refrain from risky behaviors and increase developmental assets and healthy behaviors


Increase knowledge of, access to and consumption of healthy foods


Provide services that support the family and promote positive emotional, psychological, and social well-being


Provide knowledge of issues related to behavioral health needs and improve access to community resources and services.




Basic Needs




Ensure access and connection

to the basic necessities of life for those in need


Connect people to social services (i.e. Snap benefits, Medicaid, etc)


Provide disaster services


Provide basic needs service


Application Process

  1. Applications open June 1, 2023 at 9am.
  2. Agency completes the application (click the "apply" button below or click here to print the application)
  3. Agency submits all required documents (see next section for list)
  4. Applications close June 30, at 5pm **No exceptions**
  5. Applications will be reviewed by the allocation committee on or before October 31, 2023.


ALL applications are due June 30th at 5pm. No late applications will be accepted. 

This application will need to be completed at one sitting. We are unable to allow agencies to save and return to complete at this time. (Recommend download the application and fill out first.  Then copy & paste answers in webform.)


Required Documentation


The following documents must be uploaded with application for the application to be considered:

  • List of Board of Directors
  • 501c3 letter
  • IRS 990 Form
  • Approved Audit
  • Current Finances
  • Annual Budget
  • Program Budget




For questions or concerns, please contact Michelle Purl by e-mail at