Workplace Campaign

The foundation of United Way's history has always been the workplace campaign. Whether you've been campaigning for a dozen years or just joined us this year, we're here to help you in any way we can.



Shape the Community Where You Live and Work

We work with companies to provide volunteer opportunities that give your employees hands on experience with connecting to the missions they care about most. The money raised here stays local and helps support education, financial stability, and health in our community. Together we can make our community stronger.  
On our campaign toolkit page, you will find all the tools for a successful campaign.

Thank you for inspiring others to Give, Advocate, or Volunteer to advance the common good.

If you are interested in establishing a workplace campaign or learning more, please contact Ananda Flanagan by email at or by phone at 318-443-7203 ext. 1.

One way for companies to create opportunities for employees to connect with causes they care about is through volunteer programs. By partnering with UWCL, companies can provide employees with volunteer opportunities during work hours or offer paid time off for volunteering. This not only allows employees to give back to the community, but also helps to build a sense of pride and purpose in their work.

In addition to employee campaigns, companies can also engage customers by supporting causes that align with their brand values. This can include donating a portion of profits to UWCL or hosting events that raise awareness for a particular cause. By doing so, companies can attract and retain customers who share their values and create a positive impact in the community.

Overall, committing to the community and creating opportunities for employees and customers to connect with causes they care about can have a significant impact on a company's success. It can lead to increased employee morale, customer loyalty, and a positive reputation in the community.

  • Education: Campaign information about charitable organizations expands employees’ knowledge about their community. 
  • Enhanced Employee Relations: Running a campaign provides a way for employees to improve their community. Also, participation in a campaign committee or events can help develop team-building skills and boost morale as employees learn to set goals, work together, and achieve positive results. 
  • Investment: Companies and their employees may be able to receive tax deductions and/or credits from charitable giving as well as enjoy the ease and convenience of payroll deduction. 
  • Satisfaction: Allowing employees to donate to an organization that addresses issues that are important to them provides greater employee satisfaction. For example, United Way provides many choices to employees through education, financial stability, and health areas included on pledge forms as well as a variety of special local United Way community initiatives.
  • Workforce Development: Running a campaign provides leadership opportunities for the campaign, committee, or event leaders as well as those aligned with affinity groups that empower employees to create new strategies to reach their networks. 
  • Community Leadership: Creates a bond of interest between employer and employee; each knowing the other is working for the community’s best interest. Companies prosper in healthy communities and tend to stay and increase their employee base. Companies outside the area are more likely to invest in communities with a well-educated workforce, attractive and safe neighborhoods, a strong educational system, and social services that address and reduce health and human service needs. 
  • Corporate Recognition: Campaigns demonstrate to employees, customers, and the public at large that community service, impact, and leadership are a company priority. Companies that participate in campaigns are often recognized in events, media, marketing materials, and other platforms. Companies receive third-party recognition from United Way and other nonprofits and can also use campaign participation and results in their own internal and external communications such as websites, press releases, and annual reports. 
  • Easy Administration: Workplace campaigns are efficient and easy to administer. Payroll deduction is easy for employees and spreads giving throughout the year producing larger employee gifts. 
  • Improved Customer Relations and Loyalty: Market research shows that customers are more likely to purchase goods and services from companies that support their local community. Supporting nonprofit organizations and the community through the campaign shows that a company provides more than a product or service — it provides support for the local community as well — creating good community relations.
  • Education: In many cases, employees (and their friends and families) are unaware of the programs area organizations provide. Running a campaign provides an easy way to bring the community together, convey educational messages and expose employees to resources they may have never known about. 
  • Expanded Outreach: The workplace provides new and expanded avenues for community outreach, making it easier for more employees to give and take an active part in vital community service activities. 
  • Increased Partnership: Employee campaigns encourage cooperation and collaboration among charitable organizations, as well as between companies and nonprofits. These partnerships help reduce duplication and build more meaningful community coalitions. 
  • Delivering Impact/ Getting Results: Funds raised during workplace campaigns go directly back to the community to improve lives.
  • Service: Your employees will be able to tap into a wealth of year-round opportunities through our Corporate Volunteer Opportunities that benefit the community directly.