Early Childhood Success

Our Goal

Increase the number of children ready to enter school and are successful in primary grades

Our Strategies

  • Connect adults with children to help improve reading levels
  • Children receive literacy supports in K-3
  • Families and caregivers are provided with information, resources, tools, trainings, and/or teaching skills


Youth Success

Our Goal

Increase the number of youth who gain knowledge, skills, and credentials to obtain family-sustaining employment

Our Strategies

  • Provide students with mentoring and education to develop skills needed for employment
  • Provide support for youth to complete a technical or degree program
  • Connect students with in-school and out-of-school programming to support academic success and overall development
  • Equip families with tools, knowledge, and skills to help young people succeed in school and the workforce

Our Education Initiatives

Our Education Partners

Hope House

Life Skills/Children Services


Youth Development


Rapides Early Childhood Network

Early Childhood Literacy

Rapides Parish School Board

Youth Social Enrichment