United Way of Central Louisiana partners with SingleCare (formerly FamilyWize) to provide community members with access to affordable prescription medications, ensuring greater health and financial stability.




Program Impact



  • Create affordable prescription access


About SingleCare

SingleCare is a free prescription savings card with no registration or eligibility requirements. You can start using the card as soon as you get it. You can save up to 80% on 10,000+ prescription medications. SingleCare is accepted at major pharmacy chains nationwide (check the website to find one near you). You can sign up online at for additional member savings (earn $1 per eligible script). SingleCare works whether you’re insured or underinsured. Your discount card has unlimited use.



Get your Prescription Savings Card today to start saving up to 80%.




Get the Single Care Mobile App

The SingleCare App is free to download, easy-to-use and available to everyone. Download it now to have all the features of SingleCare at your fingertips.

  • Instantly access your card with your mobile device — so you’re always ready to save.
  • The Drug Price Lookup Tool lets you see exactly how much your prescription will cost at any drugstore.
  • The Pharmacy Lookup Tool identifies area pharmacies participating in the SingleCare program.



Frequently Asked Questions

You can get your free prescription savings card by:

The SingleCare prescription savings card is 100% FREE for everyone.

SingleCare is accepted at major pharmacy chains nationwide. However, check here to see if SingleCare is accepted at your pharmacy.

No, you can use the SingleCare prescription savings card if you are insured or underinsured.