Partner Agency Application

If you are interested in applying for 2022 funding, please fill out and submit the information below.

A. Download the Staff Information/Budget Form, complete it, and email it to This can be done separately from the rest of the application to preserve confidentiality.

B.  Download the Client Information, Agency Program Information and the Outcome Form. You will need to complete it and then upload it below along with other requested documents.

C. Due to our web software limitations, the application has to be completed at one sitting. Thus we recommend that you first look over the documents you'll need (you can press control-P to print the page for reference), gather the required materials for upload, and then sit down to complete the application.

Your application is not complete until all of the information below is submitted and the "Staff Information/Budget" forms are emailed to United Way.

Applications are due Thursday, APRIL 15, 2021

We strongly recommend that you download, save, and print the following four documents for reference while you're completing the application materials:

  1. Agency Program Information
  2. Roadmaps
  3. Program Outcome Example
  4. Program Outcome Measurement Form Example

As always, feel free to call Sharon Greiner with any problems or questions: 443-7203, extension 2, or if you prefer, email her at

Agency Information
Supporting Documentation
Please include name, place of employment, address and phone number. If this roster does not identify board officers, please attached a list of the officers of your board as well.
Upload requirements
Please attached a copy of your board minutes for the most recent two meetings.
Upload requirements
Attach a schedule of your Board Meetings, dates, times and location for the year.
Upload requirements
Attach IRS 990 Form for the last fiscal year.
Upload requirements
Does your agency participate in the United Way of Central Louisiana annual Campaign?
Is your agency actively pursuing the United Way of Central Louisiana's Agency Excellence Certification?
Program Information
Impact Areas
Attach one or more success stories to each program that UWCL can use in its fundraising efforts on behalf of your agency. Please change names where confidentiality is a concern.
Upload requirements
Are financial reports prepared by staff at your agency? If not, who prepares them?
Attach copy of your most recent audit.
Upload requirements
Attach a copy of your board minutes showing where the board received and approved the audit.
Upload requirements
Insurance Policies:
Does your agency obtain bond insurance for employees or volunteers who handle cash?
Attach copy of most recent financial report for your local office.
Upload requirements
Attach a copy of your agency's end of year financial report using your last fiscal year.
Upload requirements

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